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l R4 group consisting of:
R4 Automations 
Company specialized in the design and construction of special machines for assembly and testing, construction of circular or linear vibrating systems.
R4 Manufacturing
Company specializing in the production of items for furniture, hardware, and molding of zamak items, work on behalf of third parties.
Our office is located in via Delle Industrie 2, in Cisano Bergamasco and is open from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:30. For more details on the proposal, contact the staff using the appropriate form, by calling +39 035 0440960 or at the following e-mail addresses.

Headquarters and contact details

To request a contact fill out the following form

Via Delle Industrie, 2
24034 - Cisano Bergamasco, BG
+39 035 0440960

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