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Progettazione macchine controllo dimensionale dei tubetti

Design of machines for the dimensional control of tubes​

R4 Automazioni studies the new technologies offered by the market in order to design and produce solutions for the new generation industry. The offer includes machinery for dimensional and geometric control. Millesimal precision and speed of calculation are the basis of a proposal aimed at improving production yield.

Tube inspection machines

Machine for dimensional and geometric inspection of tubes

  • Vibration-fed rotary table machine with vision system for geometric and dimensional control of tubes.

  • The plant is able to automatically separate the correct pieces from the waste.

Macchine per il controllo dei tubetti

Cylinder seal control machine

  • Cylinder seal control machine capable of exerting a pressure up to 200 bar.

Macchina per controllo tenuta cilindri

Machine for testing and checking gaskets tightness

  • Manual machine for gasket leak test on refrigerator valves

Macchina per collaudo e controllo tenuta guarnizioni
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