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Soluzioni per automazione industriale

Leading company in the creation of solutions for industrial automation 

R4 Automazioni can boast over thirty years of experience in the field of development and implementation of technologies for industrial automation. The company carefully follows innovative technologies and market demands in order to guarantee a proposal capable of satisfying the needs of companies in a wide spectrum of industrial and production branches. The staff includes professionals who summarize profound skills resulting from experience and constant updating. For more information and to discover the detailed services offered for the development of industrial automation machines, do not hesitate to contact us.

Automation and mechatronics

The offer of machines for industrial automation includes innovative technologies and flexibility, devices characterized by high performance even in the long term. The staff is available to illustrate the yield, the methods of use and the procedures for the use of conveyor belts, vibrators, supports for assembly lines and the many other mechatronic systems.

Macchine per automazione industriale Cisano Bergamasco
Assemblaggio muduli meccatronici

For more information on the proposal of systems for assembly and automation, for vibrators, for mechatronic modules, fill out the contact form.​

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