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Bussole in zama

Bushings in zamak

R4 Automazioni deals with the production of bushes for screwing in zamak. The proposal includes articles with hexagonal section, double inlet and pressure

ART. CE 613 screwing bush with hexagon 10X13X6MA
ART. CE 614 screwing bush with hexagon 10X14X6MA
ART. CE 615 screwing bush with 9.5X15X6MA hexagon
ART. CE 620 screwing bush with 10X20X6MA hexagon
ART. CE 732 screwing bush with hexagon 10X14X7 / 32
ART. CE 815 screwing bush with hexagon 12X18X8MA
ART. CE 1018 screwing bush with hexagon 15X20X10MA

ART. CE 410  screwing bush with hexagon 6X9X4MA

Compass in zamak with hexagon

Bussola in zama con esagono

Bush in zamak without hexagon

ART. SE 408 double threading bush 6X7X4MA
ART. SE 409 double threading bush 6X9X4MA
ART. SE 410 double mouth screwing bush 8X10X4MA
ART. SE 614 double threading bush 10X14X6MA
ART. SE 732 double threading bush 10X14X7 / 32
ART. SE 815 double threading bush 12X15X8MA
ART. SE 1018 double threading bush 15X18X10MA
ART. SE 1025 double threading bush 15X25X10MA

Pressure-fit zamak bush​

  • ART. PR 410 4MA push sleeve

Bussola in zama senza esagono
Bussola in zama a pressione
asset8 (1).jpeg

For details on any model of zamak compass, do not hesitate to write to the staff via the contact form.

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