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Progettazione macchine per assemblaggio Cisano Bergamasco

Company specialized in the design and construction of special machines and systems
for assembly

R4 Automazioni is a strong company with over thirty years of experience in the automation manufacturing sector. The company deals with the analysis, design and production of diversified solutions for various industrial branches. From automatic enslavement to mechatronic automatisms, the proposal looks with attention and attention to detail and to the needs of customers.
R4 Automazioni avails itself of the contribution of a highly qualified, experienced and constantly updated team for the construction of machines equipped with high quality technologies. 
Talk to the R4 technicians for more details on the production processes.

Technologies for industrial automation 

R4 Automazioni's proposal includes special machines for assembly (lines with free pallets or rotary table), modules, vibratory feeders, automatic interlocking, pre-assembly lines. The most advanced technologies and the latest generation mechatronic components are used for the construction of machines and industrial automation.

Progettazione macchine speciali per assemblaggio
Progettazione vibroalimentatori
Produzione di asservimenti automatici Cisano Bergamasco

For more details on the production of automatic systems and small metal parts, call +39 035 0440960.

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