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Asservitori per macchine con telecamere in vendita

Servers for machines with
cameras for sale 

Servers are autonomous operating units that are integrated with machines for the production of cutters, lathes, presses. These technologies are used for the automation of the production process.

Servers and supports for production processes

Servers for tip orientation machine

Unit that can be integrated with orientation machines with twist drills.

Asservitori per macchina orientamento punte

Servers for pick and place machines

Servant with vibro-fed parts channeled into the pick and place loading according to the customer's requests.

Asservitori per macchina pick and place

Slave with camera

Servitor for systems with vibro-powered and externally oriented parts by means of a manipulation unit controlled by the vision unit.

Asservitore con telecamera

Work benches

R4 Automazioni designs and manufactures work benches equipped with the latest generation technologies. Production areas for screwing, insertion and threading: discover the proposal and equip the units according to your business needs. The staff remains available to agree on the most appropriate solutions with you

Work benches

Screwing bench

Electronic self-powered tightening machine with torque control

Banco di avvitatura

Insertion desk

Multi-head self-fed machines for insertion.

Banco inserimento
asset8 (1).jpeg

To find out more about screwing systems and accessories for industrial machinery, visit our headquarters in Cisano Bergamasco.

Threading bench

Threading machine with tool lubrication on the machine.

Banco di filettatura
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